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Wedding Receptions Crystal Lake IL

Wedding Receptions Crystal Lake IL – Old Towne Hall – 54 Brink Street – Call 815-322-3406

With a professional culinary staff ready to prepare and serve custom appetizers and dinner to your guests, a BYOB option and a bar that remains open during dinner, Old Towne Hall is an ideal location for Wedding Receptions Crystal Lake IL.

Check out these practical tips to help ensure your big day is an enjoyable time for all your guests:

-Make the wedding reception venue the main attraction. If you are planning things like a photo booth, a dessert bar or other type of entertainment, be sure to place it in the reception area. Anything that draws their attention away the reception room would be a distraction.

-Be mindful of your guests’ time. While everybody enjoys seeing the bride and groom toast and share their first dance, remember that your guests will be looking to hit the dance floor too. Begin your reception with the traditional dance and invite your guests to join in soon after.

Wedding Receptions Crystal Lake IL

-Keep volume reasonable. Hire a good wedding band or DJ who focuses on creating a celebratory atmosphere without assaulting your guests’ hearing. It’s a useful idea to move chairs and tables away from the speakers and position older attendees at a reasonable distance from the audio equipment. This will prevent anyone from feeling overpowered by the music.

-Consider the seating arrangements. Take enough time to plan out the seating arrangements for your Wedding Receptions Crystal Lake IL. Try to place guests with others they know or are at least familiar. For guests coming to your event from out of the area, try to pair them with others who have comparable interests.

To book the Old Towne Hall for Wedding Receptions Crystal Lake IL and to get started on plans for your event, contact us at 815-322-4206.

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