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Although event planners always try their best to accurately anticipate the food and beverage preferences of their guests, it’s usually pretty difficult to satisfy everyone with only a few appetizers or just a single entrée. It’s typically better to offer a variety of entrée and other menu selections to ensure each guest is pleased with their choice. A few useful guidelines to follow include:

-Provide a minimum of two options for the entrée. (Offering three is usually better.)
-When it comes to the salad course at your event, consider offering at least three choices for salad dressing.
-For the dessert course, offer a couple options, with one healthy and the other on the indulgent side.

-Try to anticipate if you’ll have guests with special dietary needs or requests. These days, it seems as though event planners must contend with more and more specific dietary and beverage preferences than ever. Before your Business Event Venues Lake in the Hills IL, try to find if there will be guests with specific dietary needs so our catering team can be prepared. Special considerations are not limited to, but might include:

-Certain food allergies such as peanut allergies or lactose intolerance.
-Dietary intolerances like celiac disease, which is an intolerance to gluten.
-Voluntary diet restrictions such as vegan or vegetarian.

If you’re searching for affordable and accommodating Business Event Venues Lake in the Hills IL for your next event, the Old Towne Hall – just minutes away in Crystal Lake – is an ideal place your needs.

It’s also help to consider fresh and seasonal items. When creating the menu for your Business Event Venues Lake in the Hills IL, the time of the year can play a big role in choosing food and beverages. Take into account which specific items are currently in season for summer, fall, spring or wintertime menus.

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